Speedrail Mount Kit for Sneaker Dolly

Regular price $300.00


The Speedrail Mount Kit is a heavy duty accessory that allows you to securely fasten up to three 1-1/4" speedrail starters to your Sneaker base. Build any variety of handle bars, elbow rests or any other speedrail based rigs you can think up. Using a push bar your dolly grip can guide you directly to a mark. You can mount a camera or remote head on the base and build a handle to roll the rig. Mount an armrest to the base to rest your elbows on while operating. You could also build a backrest. Maybe a cup holder? There are many interesting ways you could use this Speedrail Mount accessory and it has been designed for utmost versatility and heavy duty, high load bearing use.


​The Pneumatic Kit is easily interchangeable with the Sneaker pipe system. The gas lift provides 6 inches of range. There's 6 more inches of range at the base. And by adding the optional 3 inch risers to the setup, you have a whopping 15 INCHES OF RANGE on one build without switching pipes.

The Sneaker is the only butt dolly in the industry to offer that feature!  



- Speedrail Mount Plate

- Support Insert

- 2 thumb screws

​- 3 Speedrail Starter posts 1.5"

- 3 Bolts and Washers

- Storage Pouch