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  • 2 Acrylic Dividers Per Set
  • 2 Pairs of Mounts
  • 6.5" High 
  • Fits 24qt and 16qt Milk Crates

(Bottom piece sold separately)


How is this different than the premium set?

The basic has a shorter  acrylic divider without a handle. The premium allows for divider position to be changed where the basic is a fixed position. For additional divider pieces individual dividers can be purchased for the premium but the standard will require a full set with side mounts for each divider.

Will the basic hold up to the billiard test? 

Yes the basic will hold up to the billiard test and is very durable. 

Can the basic be set anywhere in the milk crate? 

Yes you may place your basic divider sets anywhere in the milk crate. 

Are these installed differently than the premium set shown in the installation video? 

No. The same method using the 3M double sided tabs will be used to mount the side pieces.