Speed Rail Set

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This kit is the foundation of what you will need to build custom speed rail rigs in order to support various shock absorbing arms in multiple configurations.

The kit includes 6 pieces of 50mm Speed Rail, of two different sizes, that can be used on their own or interconnected to create longer pieces for specific rigging needs.

This kit functions as a replacement for the Speed Rail included in the Speed Rail Car Mounting Kit and can also be used with the original kit to build larger rigs.

  • [50MM SPEED RAIL] Provides Support for Car Mounting Stabilizing Arms
  • [EXPANDABLE] Pieces Interconnect or Break Down to Accommodate Different Sized Rigs
  • [COMPATIBLE] with the Hydra Predator Mount and Other Shock Absorbing Arms
  • [TRAVEL TRAY] Holds All Pieces Neatly Together When Packed in a Case
  • [DURABLE] Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction