RoboCup Plus Add-On

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  • Robocup plus, (white), designed for large drinks up to a 3.75" / 95mm in diameter. perfect for cups, mugs, glasses, koozies and tumblers. 1 included.
    attach using the provided two straps and tighten snugly to secure. remove all existing straps from the robocup before attaching the plus.
    for a more permanent attachment (not provided): (1) stainless steel hose clamp for the top strap (do not over-tighten) and (2) plastic cable-tie for the bottom strap.
    the position of the plus can be swiveled around the robocup for ideal placement. tall 4”/101mm wall height holds drinks securely and the top rim has a wavy design for easier access of shorter drinks.
    built with a robust thick wall design with uv-stabilizers added for longevity. backed by a 3 year no hassle warranty and for help anytime please email at