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This marriage of the Mini Cardellini w/ Small Noga Arm Kit with the 3/8-16" male thread, and the Noga DG6145CA Arm is a Filmtools attribute because of the Filmtools CNC milled and fluted 3/8-16" adapter. Unlike smooth or knurled adapters, the Filmtools adapter requires no tools and it can be torqued down bare handed due to the gear quality flutes. The heart of the Noga Holdit Israeli Arm is it's single locking knob that tightens the friction on both ball ends, the swiveling collars that the ball-ends are in, and the central pivot point. The main arm, which terminates in a threaded 3/8-16 spud is 4.25" long (from pivot center to pivot center) and the other arm, which terminates in a threaded 1/4-20 threaded spud, is 4" long. Weight: 8/10 pound.

NOTE: Do not thread the 1/4-20 shaft into any monitor in excess of 3/8". Severe damage can occur to the monitor.