KillShock Isolation System - Heavy Duty

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The Kessler KillShock is used to remove camera vibration when shooting from vehicles like cars, boats, ATVs by isolating shock away from the camera via a set of shock modules. The isolator is based on a set of 8 modules with each containing 3 shock cables per module as it allows for proper weight distribution around the entire surface of the isolator and not just the corners.


Included:                                                                                                                             (1) KillShock Top Plate
 (1) KillShock Bottom Plate                                                                                                   
(1) Mitchell Boss Castle nut
 (1) Kessler Universal Cheeseplate
 (8) KillShock Heavy Duty/Pre-Loaded Shock Modules
Tech Specs Cable diameters (no load - load): 14.25" - 14.75

Top plate diameter: 9"
Bottom plate diameter: 13.25"
Bottom plate diameter w/o tether point: 11.95"
Top/bottom plate thickness: 0.4375"
Height: 5"
Weight: 7.5 lbs