Indie Mount

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Kit Includes:(1) 6” Vacuum Cup w/ Articulating Camera Mount (w/pad protector)(1) 4.5” Vacuum Cup w/ 5/8” Pin (w/ pad protector)(1) Mini Grip Head(1) Micro Grip Head(2) 6’ Triangulating Quick Struts (75lb load limit per strut)(2) 12” Micro Grip Rods(1) 8” Micro Grip Rod(1) 4” MicroGrip Rod(1) Shoe Adapter(1) 3” Camera Riser Right Angle Adapter(1) Carrying BagPossible POV’s:- Hood, Side/Profile, Window, Roof, Wheel, Rear, Interiors, and many more!*SPECS:- Supports any camera 8.5lbs or less- Kit Shipping Weight: 6lbs- Kit Shipping Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 10"- 1 Year Warranty- Made in the USA

The Matthews Indie Mount is an affordable and reliable solution for mounting smaller camera packages to autos, RV's, boats, windows, countertops... virtually any smooth, non-porous surface! The Indie Mount allows the user to mount cameras in dozens of places around the exterior and interior of the vehicle, securely and safely. The system uses a combination of MicroGrip technology, Vacuum Cups, one articulating camera mount and our new quick strut triangulating system.

Setting up a car shot with the Indie Mount takes just minutes! Simply mount the main 6” Cup with articulating camera mount, mount your camera, frame your shot, add the support cup and arm, secure your struts and you're off!

The different length Micro Grip rods can be attached via the terminating ¼-20” threads, giving you a dynamic reach of 4”-32” for the second support cup. The 3” camera riser was included to give you more of a reach when trying to get the camera further away from the car and can also be used as a right angle adapter for that must have profile shot!