GRIPPER MIDI 498 - Camera Mount with 3/8 6" SUCTION-CUP

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The Gripper 498. The base is a Filmtools 6" vacuum/ suction mount with a 3/8-16 threaded spud. We add a spacer and attach the Manfrotto Midi 488 Ball Head. The vacuum cup can support 70 pounds and the Bogen Manfrotto 498 Midi Ball Head can support a 17.6 pound camera or monitor. The Midi 498 Midi Ball Head differs from others made by Bogen-Manfrotto because it can mount onto and accept cameras and tripods with either 3/8-16" or 1/4-20" without the need for purchasing adapters. Perfect for lock-off shots using still cameras or camcorders. Weighs 2.2 pounds and stands 6-3/4" tall. View all of our camera mounts here.