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Full Size SidioCrate Bundle Pack

Full Size SidioCrate Bundle Pack

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Crate Color
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Divider System


  • 1 Crate
  • Your choice of 2 Standard Dividers or 1 long divider w/ 3 short dividers
  • 1 Clear PolyCarbonate Lid
  • Red or Black Bottom Mat


  • Structural Exterior Ribs Create a High Stacking Weight Capacity
  • 43 Divider Slots
  • Stackable w/ Or w/out Lid
  • Durable PP Block Copolymer Resists Cracks, Dents & Extreme Temperatures
  • Stacks w/ Standard Milk Crates

Made in USA

  • Exterior: 18.5”x12.5”x 11” without Lid 11.5" with Lid
  • Interior: 17.94"x 11.05"x 10.25"
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