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The Filmtools 4 Leg Car Mount Kit features a Mini Ball Leveling Head, 4 vacuum cups, 4 x 12" legs, 4 x 24" legs and 4 x 36" legs to accommodate a variety of setups.

The Filmtools Mini-Ball Leveling Head is designed for use with cameras weighing up to 50 pounds. Built like the ball levelers used to support Arriflex and Panaflex 35mm cameras, the Mini Ball leveling head in this kit e is made of 3/8" thick 6061 T6 aluminum (5" x 5.5") and has plenty of 3/8" mounting holes in it. The interchangeable camera plates are made of 1/4" aluminum and are 3.5" x 5". One has a 3/8" slot down the center for mounting cameras that have a 3/8-16 threaded hole in the bottom and the other has a 1/4" slot for most Mini-DV Cameras.

The 4 Leg Car Mount Kit comes with three sets of legs (4 per set): 18", 24", and 36", giving the user plenty of mounting options.

Each of the 6" Suction Cups included in this kit have 3/8- 16" threaded spuds to attach the included 5/8" Baby Spuds. Each cup can hold up to 70 pounds which totals 280 pounds, but we de-rate them to 150 pounds total so that you can load them beyond 1G and still be safe. The kit also comes with a safety strap, Filmtools recommends using straps to secure all car mounts.

The 4 Leg Car Mount w/ Mini Ball Leveling Head includes a Custom Built Case laser cut and designed to neatly secure and transport the entire kit.

Filmtools recommends using one of our triangulation kits (see below) to reduce harmonic and resonant vibration.