Vibration Isolator Wire Mount for Camera Gimbals

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The Isolator system absorbs the shocks, bumps and jerky movements of the vehicle by utilizing strategically configured 5/16"wire cables to support the Gimbal and allow it to absorb inertial movements.

The isolator in conjunction with the camera Gimbal makes sure you get incredibly smooth shots even on rough terrains.

Wire modules are customizable according to the weight of your camera setups and the shot desired.

Made by using High-grade Aluminum Alloys, this smart, reliable and robust design is capable of holding a payload from 4kg/8lb to 15kg/33lb.The Isolator system is compatible with Ronin, Movi and all other major gimbal systems available today giving you the freedom to use numerous different setups depending on the need of the shot.


Gimbal Vibration Isolator
Ronin Mounting Plate (DJI-QR)

Mounting threads: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16

 Made by ProAim