AutoVac - Vacuuming 10" Suction Cup System

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The Kessler AutoVac 

is an auto vacuuming 10” suction cup base with built in mounting plate featuring hole patterns for rigging film and video gear and grip equipment like speed rail starters, gimbals and tripod heads. The AutoVac automatically suctions every 9-12 minutes so you no longer have to hand pump like with traditional suction cup mounts.  AutoVac is the perfect companion for anyone who shoots from cars, boats or simply needs to mount a camera or gear to a non-porous surface.  The body of the AutoVac is CNC machined from high grade aluminum with voltage displayed on the front of the unit.



The AutoVac top plate features mounting patterns for Movi Toad in the Hole, Ronin S universal mount, Ronin 2 Universal, Kessler Kwik Release Receivers, Kessler HD Angle Plate and almost anything with 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 holes.   The top plate also features built in handles and four 1” tether strap point for rigging.  You can mount baby pin adapters with 3/8-16 threaded ends and speed rail starters easily to the top plate so its great for car rigging.  An optional pre-installed KillShock Mini isolator top is also available instead of a standard AutoVac plate and features the same hole patterns and features. 



The AutoVac features a Lemo 2 pin power input  (pin 1 is ground) and accepts a power range of 12-28v.   Audible battery alarm kicks in then voltage drops to 10v or lower. An optional v-mount or gold mount battery mounting plate kit is available which allows for p-tap/d-tap to Lemo 2 power cables to power the system off of the battery plate. A voltage meter is displayed on the LED panel on the from for clear indication of voltage input.


Duration and reset

The AutoVac will automatically vacuum to non-porous surfaces when powered up or when the reset button is pressed.  This vacuum time is 25 seconds.  The auto rest is set to kick on vacuuming at approximately every 9-12 minutes after the initial power up.  This can also be manually done by pressing the reset button at anytime when power is connected.  


Additional notes:Kessler is not responsible for any damage to any equipment when using AutoVac.
AutoVac must be used on clean surfaces and the suction cup must be cleaned before use for optimal use.
AutoVac is rated for a maximum load capacity of 150lbs at the base on clean non-porous surfaces. Although this is the maximum, we recommend loads no larger than 125lbs at the base for best performance and safety