Raptor Rickshaw

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Raptor Rickshaw Highlight features:

  • Large Universal Cheese Plate
  • Fast setup
  • Caster wheel for precision tracking
  • Various optional accessories

Universal Cheese Plate

Cheese Plate of Raptor Rickshaw features the threaded M8 and 10.5mm hole matrix to install the seat, the optional seat back as well as other standard accessories!

Ground Clearance

Designed with low and high wheel mounting options, the Raptor Rickshaw features ground clearance at 9cm (3.5 inches) or 14cm (5.5 inches). That allows the user to adapt the height of a vehicle corresponding to the inclination of the road.


  • Length: 63.0 inches/ 160cm with handle tilted 45 degrees
  • Width with main wheels (spoke wheels): 29.5 inches/ 75cm
  • Width with fat wheels: 39.4 inches/ 100cm
  • Height: 35.4 inches/ 90cm with handle tilted 45 degrees
  • Ground Clearance (Min – Max): 3.5 – 5.5 inches/ 9 – 14cm
  • Seat Height (Min – Max): 15.3 – 25.2 inches/ 39 – 64cm
  • Cheese Plate: 29 x 32 inches/ 74 x 58 cm
  • Caster Wheel: 8 inches/ 20cm
  • Main Wheel (Spoke Wheel) diameter: 21 inches/ 54cm
  • Fat Wheel (Optional accessories) diameter: 18 inches/ 45cm
  • Maximum Payload: 330lbs/ 150kgs

Versatile Optional Accessories


Support for smoother shooting on rough terrain.


Save customer from falling backwards


Enable user to attach the steadicam / stabilizer arm system directly to Raptor Rickshaw


Raptor Rickshaw with Optional Accessories

Raptor Rickshaw Accessories


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